Sunday, 18 September 2016

New Zealand Fashion and Fashion Magazines 1960s

Vogue Magazine and New Zealand Fashion

TEAL partnered with American Vogue magazine to launch a line of women’s clothing. TEAL flew New York model, Margot McKendry around NZ and the islands to show off fashion designer Handmacher’s women’s clothing collection.

A smartly dressed family on a day out in Christchurch shows that everyday fashion can make a statement.

Fashion Boutique, James Smith Ltd, Wellington, early 1960s, DigitalNZ has a number of photographs depicting fashion in Wellington.
James Smith Ltd early 1960s

Monday, 12 September 2016

Fashion Shows of the 1960s

Fashion Shows 

Formally organised fashion shows may have been limited to exclusive events, but informal fashion shows were seen at events like the races, when the public went all out.

Check out this gorgeous linen suit worn at the races

Fashion show in Rotorua

Mannequin Parade at Brents Hotel November, 1963. Organised by Mrs C.Lodge. 
Models top left to right: Rama McIlwraith, Gayle Mullis, Jackie Davies. 
Models bottom left to right: Gay Smith, Jill Crawford, Leona Martelli.
Rotorua Photo News, No. 3. Nov. 16, 1963
Posted by Ani Sharland, 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Fashions of the 1960s

New Zealand

Fashion during the 1960’s was pared down. Dresses were straight, plain & brief  and the hemlines went way above the knee and eventually the ‘mini’ was born. Women ditched the suspended hosiery and waisted tights were in. Men’s clothes were straight and narrow and trouser cuffs disappeared. Men’s lapels became thin and buttoned high and shirt collars were buttoned down.

High Fashion in Work Uniforms

Fashion designers both local and international contributed to high fashion and work uniforms in New Zealand.

TEAL’s hostesses uniform were designed by Christian Dior

Aucklander, Bruce Papas won the top fashion design competition, The Golden Shears

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Help for Family History at your Library

Rotorua Library Genealogy Collections

Rotorua Library has a selection of different sources to help you trace your ancestors :

How to books, like the following titles :
  •  "A beginner's guide to online genealogy: learn how to trace your family history and discover your roots" by Michael Dunn. 
  • "Unofficial guide to" by Nancy Hendrickson.
  • "Writing your family history" by Gill Blanchard.
  • Tracing your ancestors through family photographs" by Jayne Shrimpton.
District Histories and School Jubilee publications. e.g.

  • "Who do you think you are", published monthly.
  • "NZ Genealogist" 
  • "Family Tree" 
  • "Australian Family Tree Connections"
Local Newspapers,via Microfiche/film for past newspapers and paper copies for last 6 months, and access to historic newspapers via Papers Past

Online Access in the Library for the following :   (in Library use only)  
Find My Past    (in Library use only)
NZ Gazettes     (in Library use only)

Links to these can be found on our website :

NZ Births, Deaths and Marriages (Historic) ; Rotorua Cemetery Index ; Archway (Archives NZ).

For help of the personal kind : Come down to our Heritage & Research area in the new 'Temporary' Library at 1238 Pukuatua Street, see you there.

Also don't forget the Volunteers from the Rotorua Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, are happy to chat with you about your family history research queries, in the Library every second Wednesday of the month. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

August is Family History Month

Rotorua Library has Genealogy books and other sources

Have you thought of using old newspapers online to search for birth and death notices? 

National Library of NZ has a fabulous reliable online resource called Papers Past, although not all births, marriages and deaths are published this is still a very good place to start for all of New Zealand's newspapers that are digitised. 

Here are just a few samples of what you may find :


Brief and to the point : Hastings Standard, 14 November 1898

Wedding of Miss Nora Curtis of Rotorua in
King Country Chronicle 15 March 1909
A Rotorua Silver Wedding in Evening Post 21 September 1939
For more information click the link to Papers Past at the top of this post.
Also check out previous posts for Family History Month

Monday, 8 August 2016

The new, temporary Rotorua Library.

Rotorua Library has a new location, 1238 Pukuatua Street.

From this 

To this
and this
Official opening ceremony 29 July 2016
Read all about our new space on the Rotorua Library website

Come and see us and enjoy our new 'Temporary Library' space at 1238 Pukuatua Street. We still have great books, magazines, DVD's and more available to borrow and free internet for all. Try the coffee at the Coffee Shack, ably provided by brother and sister team, Jason and Delina Dibben. 

We look forward to seeing you! 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

On this day in the Hot Lakes Chronicle

On this day in the Hot Lakes Chronicle - 24 July 1895

In July of 1895, Rotorua was experiencing very chilly temperatures.

Temperatures of 14° Fahrenheit or minus 10° Celsius were reported on in the Hot Lakes Chronicle. At least locals may have been able to warm up at the Priest's Bath and the Sulphur Bath which ranged from 35-41° Celsius.

 While we now have an abundance of beautiful trees in Rotorua, in 1895 residents had been deterred from planting trees by the "evils" of stray cattle.

The Town Board took matters into their own hands and decided to plant 600 trees throughout the town. As well as leading by example, they moved to strictly enforce the Impounding Act and abolish de-pasturing licences which allowed farmers to graze the land.

Instead of keeping stock away from young trees with barbed wire, they decided to try a new form of tree guard suggested by Mr Roger Dansey.

Something that hasn't changed since 1895 is the recommendation to only take to the roads when sober.

To get the latest literature in 1895, you could view print catalogues at the Hot Lakes Chronicle office. Of course it's now far easier and you can view the Rotorua Library catalogue online!

The 24 July 1895 edition of the Hot Lakes Chronicle also reports on issues such as postal delays, the recommendation for a Public Hall, the initiation of a Māori band, town land agreements and the wit of Guide Sophia.

The Hot Lakes Chronicle was digitised in a joint project between Rotorua Library and the National Library. So much can be learned of our past on this fabulous resource which is available online at Papers Past.